Flaws in NRPB modelling

Radiation Protection - Science in Crisis
Flaws in NRPB modelling
This page is a brief outline. At the bottom is a link to other pages (which include our comments on scientific culture, peer review and scientific advice).

There are two strands to the Low Level Radiation Campaign's case:

The Health section of this site deals with the health aspects. (see link on Navigation bar on the left)
This section concentrates on the flawed basis of standards handed down by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).
It is not intended to be an exhaustive review of everything that is wrong:-
we are not discussing, for example, Professor Alice Stewart's analysis of the range of radiation sensitivity in human populations, nor the large uncertainties in "critical group" modelling.
These are important, but there is something still more fundamental:-
ICRP's scientific model, which is used as the basis of radiation protection almost everywhere,

  • is based on studies which are completely silent on the health effects of internal contamination
  • is an averaging model, which is inappropriate -- like saying that the energy you receive from warming yourself at an open fire could just as safely be absorbed by means of taking one of the burning coals and swallowing it.
We are not alone in saying that the ICRP model is guesswork;
the most recent publication from the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation says:
Risk estimates for the induction of human disease are obtained primarily from epidemiological studies. These studies can clearly distinguish radiation effects only at relatively high doses and dose rates. To gain information at low doses and dose rates, which are more relevant to typical human radiation exposures, it is necessary to extrapolate the results of these studies. To be valid, this extrapolation requires a detailed understanding of the mechanisms by which radiation induces cancer and genetic disorders.

UNSCEAR 2000: Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation; Vol II, Effects: Para 1 p2 Introduction

The following page explains more about the flaws in ICRP's modelling.
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