WHO Conference accepts low dose uncertainties

WHO Conference accepts low dose uncertainties

LLRC's scientific adviser Chris Busby and his colleague Molly Scott Cato attended the World Health Organisation conference in Kiev in June (2001) to present their paper quantifying the error in ICRP risk factors.

Scheduled for a plenary session on day one of the week-long event, Busby found that he had to face down an attempt by Russian delegates to talk him off the agenda by extending discussion of the previous speaker's contribution.

The final day saw debate of a draft report. Dr. Scott Cato pointed out that it did not even mention low dose radiation effects. The rapporteurs' explanation for the omission was that such effects could be taken as read.
After Busby told the conference about the European Parliament's resolution on the inadequacies of ICRP's modelling of the health effects of low dose radioactive pollution, the Chairman, Hiroshi Nakajima, ignored the protests of Russian delegates and agreed to the inclusion of a paragraph on this topic.
We will keep an eye on the outcome.

More information on the Conference programme and organisers is (as of June 2001) at this link

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