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  • Vol. 7 No. 2, April 2008
    Main stories
    • BBC finds Chernobyl documentary biased. LLRC appeal upheld.
    • Cancer in Trawsfynydd Downwinders
    • German Radiation Agency finds increased child leukaemia near NPPs
    • Mechanism of Uranium toxicity
    • Sellafield Autopsy Tissues
    • Biased Origin of Radiation Risk Model
    • Child Leukaemia in Dumfries and Galloway
    • Polonium-210 and Litvinenko
    • Porton Down Veterans and A-Bomb Veterans; generational effects
    • Infant Mortality and Cancer near Hinkley Point
    Right click here to download to your computer, or left click to view. [This is a PDF. Click here for information on PDFs] Note: The print edition carries the Volume number "6, issue 2". This is in fact Volume 7, no 2.

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