LLRC Journal Radioactive Times. Vol.5 No 1

Radioactive Times. Vol.5 No 1


What are the effects of DU in Kosovo on people living and working there, either peacekeepers or locals? There are two main questions. The first is whether the DU particles remain in the atmosphere for a long time and can be inhaled so that they get inside the people.

The second has to do with their effects once they have done so. Professor Nick Priest was asked by BBC Scotland to visit Kosovo in early 2001, and take urine samples from locals to be analysed at Middlesex University. Results are shown in the table opposite. DU was found in the urine of everyone tested, including the BBC cameraman.

Location Number of adults Mean 24hr excretion (ng)
Djakove, Kosovo 5 8.3
Klina, Kosovo 6 24
Bratunac, nr Sarajevo, Bosnia 3 22
Cameraman, Scotland 1 6.9

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