Radioactive Times
Volume 5, Number 1, June 2003
A Depleted Uranium special

Editorial: Why the long silence?


LATE NEWS: Cancer cluster near Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station officially confirmed

Hansard reports Lymphoma increases in UK Gulf War veterans:

Something in the air:
LLRC's Chris Busby goes to Kosovo and finds evidence of Depleted Uranium persisting and recirculating in the environment.

Ministry of Defence forms Depleted Uranium Oversight Board

UNEP to run inadequate Depleted Uranium survey in Iraq
Will they look with their eyes shut, like they did in the Balkans?

Depleted Uranium in the Balkans and its effects

Depleted Uranium found in urine samples from Kosovans
and the BBC cameraman who was there to film the study.

Cancer risks in Sarajevo and veterans of the Balkans Peacekeeping missions

LLRC wins Atomic Test Veteran's appeal hearing
Pointing out fatal flaws in standard epidemiological studies of test veterans, LLRC gets a war pension for the widow of a veteran of the Maralinga tests who died of cancer. Maralinga postscript

A reactor at the bottom of the garden?
The strange story of a secret reactor buried under a housing estate near Reading, England, and the poisoning of a man who dug up part of it.

New rational risk model of radiation risk:
The European Committee on Radiation Risk launches its Recommendations in Brussels.

Chromosome testing demonstrates effects of Depleted Uranium:

LLRC Inside the tent :
UK Government sets up Committee Examining Radiation Risk of Internal Emitters.

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