LLRC Journal Radioactive Times. Vol.4 No 2

Radioactive Times. Vol.4 No 2


The ASPIS seminar in the Greek island of Kos, where Hippocrates was born and taught, considered the question, Is cancer predominantly environmental in origin in September.
Our old friend, Sir Richard Doll was to address the seminar to the effect that it was not, and that it was primarily a lifestyle disease.
Also invited as a speaker to propose the opposite was Chris Busby. The antimatter clash never happened, however, as Doll pulled out at the last minute.

Chris gave an account of his findings near the sea coasts of Wales, Ireland and Somerset. He also used analyses of Welsh and English small area mortality data to show that the main cause of cancer in these areas was living close to the sea, more particularly contaminated offshore banks and tidal river estuaries.

Attending the seminar were the two deputy directors of the European Commission DGs responsible for Research and Legal Issues. The meeting will be reported in the next RaT.

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