Radioactive Times
Volume 4, Number 2, November 2000

Editorial: Into the abyss
Our readers are familiar with the idea that the usual model of radiation risk at low dose is based on guesswork, but the uncompromising message which a battery of academics delivered to the Society for Radiological Protection in October came as a shock to that body of professionals.
There are large implications for research and regulation.


Health Physics World View Collapses:
ATLAS gets a new job, and what's happening to ATLANTIS?

At low dose and low dose rate you don't know anything has been LLRC's message throughout its 8 year history but a recent meeting of the Society for Radiological Protection heard it from a different source ...

Desert Storm:
LLRC's Dr Chris Busby looks at depleted Uranium in Iraq and the children it is killing. wrecked Iraqi tank(13KB)

I Don't Know Much About Science.... ... but I know what I like.
The Phillips Report on the UK Government's mishandling of BSE has brought even greater prominence to the idea that there's a big problem with the the way Government gets its scientific advice.
We report on Green Audit's proposals for a way forward.

The Royal Society panel on Depleted Uranium:
LLRC gave evidence (paper on this site) to the panel in July -- and there's more to come as the investigation has been extended for a further six months and evidence is still being taken.

A report of a symposium a year ago, which LLRC sees as part of a continuing attempt by the military establishment to get the great and the good to whitewash its new generation of nuclear weapons.

DAD is dead - long live UNCLE:
the old approach of Decide, Annonunce, Defend is discredited. Instead, the nukes are now consulting environmentalists into exhausted submission. LLRC reports its experience, which includes being censored.

Legal Challenge to AWE Justification:
NAG goes to court to argue that radioactive emissions from Aldermaston are illegal because they are not justified as required by European law on radiation protection.

Standing Conference Starts to Strut:
The fine staff work behind this year's Standing Conference on Low Level Radiation and Health in Reading was matched by a growing confidence and sense of purpose.

New Israeli research on Chernobyl children confirms findings of gagged Belarusian doctors :
The British Medical Journal has reported a new study of children which highlights the radiation sensitivity of the human foetus. The strong relationship found between morbidity and levels of contamination supports earlier findings by Belarusian researchers who have since fallen foul of their Government.

The Prayer Flag :
a new poem from Richard Lawson

... and the prayer:-
Lord Money , hear us.
We do not care for Nature, but for You ....

ASPIS II Conference in Kos:
Is cancer of environmental origin?
Doll pulls out, Busby puts the boot in.

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