LLRC Journal Radioactive Times. Vol.4 No 1


Report from Radioactive Times Volume 4, Number 1, June 2000 (content not updated)
poster advertising demo in St Cere(10KB) On a visit to France, RaT found that the French version of NIREX was proposing a ‘Rock Laboratory’ in the Lascaux caves where the prehistoric cave paintings are. This area in central France is a limestone plateau which is transected by the deep gorges of rivers like the Lot and there are many limestone caves and caverns. Ideal, thought the French nukes, following the NIREX idea, for disposal of nuclear waste. They even called the project a ‘Rock Laboratory’!

The plan was put forward and put to a vote in the local area.

Happily, local activists plastered the area with notices and stickers and called public meetings, including a demonstration in the town square in St Cere. When RaT visited, they were awaiting a ‘High Noon’ showdown with the mayor.

Of course, the gentleman did not appear, so everyone repaired to the café, and in the end they succeeded in narrowly defeating the proposal.

RaT is fairly certain that the nukes will be back with another plan: after all, they have no choice.


Association Atelier des Maquis
Allee de l’esperance
46400 St Cere
Association Vites

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