Radioactive Times
Volume 4, Number 1, June 2000

The Tooth Fairy(5KB) The Tooth Fairy comes to Britain --- and Italy
[photo: Liz Fleming-Williams]


Editorial: The theory that's coming in from the cold
and the "scientific" establishment's response - not science, but a political fudge

Hinkley Point Cancer Clusters:
Further evidence of the effects of marine discharges and sea to land transfer.

Powerlines: Link to Ionising Radiation:
The connection between ionising and non-ionising radiation
and the lies the cancer establishment tells to cover it up

The Rosy Tint of Nuclear Risk.
Another batty attempt by the nuclear industry to overcome its poor image

The Royal Society: the final frontier for Depleted Uranium:
Royal Society broadens its DU Panel in response to pressure from LLRC and others

Hiroshima standard criticised:
.... again

Russian cleared:
Nikitin gets off

Nuclear Messiah:
Nuclear workers categorised alongside prostitutes, pimps, bondage dancers and other pillars of society

US accepts radiation effects:
Government acknowledges radiation caused cancers in workers

Saying it with stones:
Greenham Common memorial gets go-ahead

Dragon that Slew St. George:
film review
French Rock Laboratory scuppered:

NRPB's Second Event Theory:
International Journal of Radiation Biology publishes NRPB's version of Busby's ground breaking mechanism of genetic mutation at low radiation dose

Harwell and NRPB reinterpret waste threshold
Disappointed about the decision by Mr Meacher to throw out the Euratom Directive approach and hold the Radioactive Substances 1993 Actís 400Bq/kg definition of radioactive waste, the nuclear industry is up to its tricks again.

Still navigating the Sea of Troubles
Welsh Health Secretary ignores the Seascale of Wales
the cancer authorities blatant and rather silly distortion of the populations and removal of cases has only one explanation -- they are trying to hide the evidence

Bev Botting promises data on child cancer
Will Green Audit finally get their hands on data that could show a link between the children of the weapons test era and the rate of cancer in their children? The Office of National Statistics has been stalling for years.

Trial of Helen John
"Guilty" of defacing the House of Commons, but "justified in her actions", says jury in landmark case.

Roger Radon, NRPB
new cartoon

Chernobyl infant leukaemia puts figure on risk error
Five countries have reported sharp post-Chernobyl increases in leukaemia in infants from birth to one year. ICRP risk factors predict only a minimal increase, so what's going on? NRPB calculated the dose in Wales and Scotland, allowing Green Audit to work out the error in the risk factors at between 100 and 500 - easily enough to account for Seascale and all the other clusters. Bomb-proof evidence against nuclear pollution published in the peer-reviewed literature. How will they get out of this one?
See how NRPB fails to ...

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