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NRPB -- still rewriting the English language to suit itself

Report from Radioactive Times Volume 3, Number 2, October 1999 (content not updated)

The National Radiological Protection Board's (spin) Dr. Michael Clark has been telling press and members of the public that LLRC is "engaged primarily in a political campaign".

Slightly concerned that this epithet was intended to discredit the campaign without the bother of going into detail, Richard Bramhall emailed Dr. Clark to ask what he meant.

He replied with a question: "How would you describe the LLRC? You are a campaigning organisation - what sort of campaign is it?"

LLRC replied: "... since you ask, we see LLRC in the same light as Action on Smoking and Health, or the campaign to stop the use of lead in petrol. These campaigns have or had ends which are clearly non-political."

NRPB: "... your campaign is about matters of state, i.e. the EU Directive and its implementation in the UK, so I view it as political with a small "p"."

Feeble, or what? This comes from the man - he's NRPB's Director of Communications - who told a radio audience last year that the Directive's Clearance provisions (which concern nuclear site clearance) were meant to allow the manufacture, sale, and use of life-saving devices like smoke alarms.

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