Radioactive Times
Volume 3, Number 2, October 1999


The radiation century is coming to a close.

Found: a cause of leukaemia?
"The COMARE Fourth Report ... wrongly exonerated the Sellfield exposure from causing the child leukaemias in Seascale"

Dolly falls into Plutonium trap:
World famous epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll, well known for lending his reputation to promote entrenched industrial and political interests, once again backs the population mixing hypothesis as an explanation for the Seascale leukaemia cluster.

National newspapers' Letters on Seascale :
Scientists disagree with Doll.

Bone cancer in Wales: the revisions revisited.

IEER call for new research:
International pressure for research on neglected and underestimated radiation hazards.

The Laboratory RaT asks a question:
RaT was listening to Dr Michael Clark of NRPB being interrogated by Anne Robinson on the BBC's Watchdog programme. Who funds NRPB? she asked. Clark responded: NRPB is 45% funded by the Department of Health. RaT wants to know who coughs up the other 55%.

Nuclear accident in Japan:
"Little effect will be registered in the UK ..."

6million UKCCCR study wasted by design flaws:
Have cancer charities been tricked into a nuclear cover-up.
Long-awaited childhood cancer study is skewed to ignore nuclear pollution.
LLRC asks Professor Cartwright some questions

SAHSU: How to lie with statistics:
SAHSU (the Small Area Health Statistics Unit) was set up to ensure that problems like the Seascale cluster were discovered not by journalists (with all the attendant embarrassing publicity) but by professionals.
SAHSU seems to have set itself the task of developing a new kind of epidemiology -- one in which statistics is used not to identify effects but to lose them.
and a sample from the RaT's collection of funny sayings:

Plutonium harmless?:
More silly headlines (appearing in some 40 newspapers in the summer of 1999) about an experiment on Eric, the Voice of Plutonium.

Putting Breast Cancer on the Map:
Women's Environmental Network Study completed

Euratom Directive:
Latest on deregulation of nuclear waste

LLRC is "a political organisation":
... according to NRPB

Storm Force 10 forecast for Sea of Troubles:
latest on the discovery of high cancer rates near the Irish Sea

Raising the dead:
How Wales Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit cured over 3000 cancers

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