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a chilling reply to a simple question...

report from Radioactive Times Volume 3, Number 1, March 1999 (content not updated)

A RaT reporter was in Llanrwst, a small town in north Wales recently, looking for children with leukemia. This is an on-going project to establish the true numbers of leukemia cases in the area and resolve the arguments.

Whilst wandering near the churchyard, he met some workmen who were resurfacing the road. One of these, the director of the road repair company, who he knew slightly, told him an extraordinary tale.

It seems that this man took his family to Florida for a holiday a few years ago. While they were there, they went to Disneyland. At the reception area, he began talking with the staff and explained he was from north Wales, not really expecting them to know whereabouts on the surface of the planet Wales was.

Oh yes, we know Wales, they said, thatís near the Irish Sea where that terrible radiation place Sellafield is. Thatís the place that causes all that pollution! The most radioactive sea in the world. Thatís where all the childhood leukemia is!

Astonished, the road repair man asked them how they could possibly know all this. The response was chilling.

We know about Wales and Sellafield because this is where all the young children come for treats when they are dying from leukemia. They come right here to Disneyland, Florida!, they said, sadly.

Well so much for data; so much for numbers in published compilations or on computers buried in the Welsh Office. What are we to make of this kind of knowledge? Do we sneer at it and call it anecdotal? Do we write it off because epidemiology doesnít accept its validity?

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