Radioactive Times
Volume 3, Number 1, March 1999

Sarj! there's a knife!!!(3KB) featuring world famous sleuth
Sergeant Mercer and his sidekick Cunstable Joskin.


Campaign progress: Euratom Directive, Cancer along Irish Sea coast of Wales, entering the Depleted Uranium debate.

Sea of Troubles
"... over the period 1974-89 there were more than 5,500 excess cases of cancer in the 1 kilometre strip along the Irish Sea coast of Wales"

Tritium: an unconsidered hazard:
Transmutation of the chemical structure of massive bio-active molecules is a mechanism for radiation hazard even at the very low doses from Tritium (a very weak beta emitter). Why does NRPB ignore this mechanism?

Children of the 60s generation
A small childhood leukaemia data-set was obtained and examined to see if birth year was associated with incidence of the disease. There was no pattern, but birth year of the parents showed that those born in the peak years of above-ground nuclear weapons test fallout were significantly more likely to give birth to children who developed leukaemia.

Depleted Uranium: a low level radiation risk?
In a word? Yes.
Depleted Uranium datafile:
The material in these pages has been overtaken by our later research. Please look at the dU section of the site (it's best to use the button at top left to get to the Home page; half-way down the white navigation bar there is a dU button. )

X-files: the strange story of how Wales Cancer Intelligence Unit raises the dead:

Campaign meets Environment Minister:
"Mr Meacher seemed to be in a similar position to Jim Hacker in the series Yes Minister, with his officials being apparently co-operative and subservient, but perhaps with an agenda of their own ..."

NRPB reveal ignorance at mobile 'phone case:
"...NRPB in action. Poor quality technicians and bureaucrats use pathetically simplistic models and deny the existence of any effect that cannot be predicted by accepted scientific mechanisms."

Radiation and Health -the inside story:
" ...cancer rates for those monitored compared with those not monitored were significantly higher in the case of the following cancer sites: cancers of the bronchus and lung, liver and gall bladder, larynx, uterus, ovary, testis, prostate, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma. A significant excess of prostate cancer was confirmed for an association with Tritium and monitoring for other radioisotopes.
The authors appeared to minimize the findings in a number of ways ... Nevertheless, there was quite definite evidence of excess risk from internal contamination.

Carlingford and Dundalk:
Monitoring Sellafield's pollution in Ireland. Interesting evidence of hot particles circulating in the Irish Sea.
... Radioisotopes from Sellafield are easily measurable in mud and sand from the beaches near Dundalk and also further up the coast in Carlingford Lough, with levels comparable to those in north Wales.

Euratom Directive: LLRC wins Round II:
... we have pointed out to Mr Meacher that, just as in the embarrassing precedents of BSE, tobacco and asbestos, bad science makes for bad law. ... he has followed our advice - DETR is proposing to retain the RSA's 400 Bq/Kg value.

Quantifying healthiness in Radiation Workers:
exploding the bogus analysis of Muirhead et al.
with yet another silly cartoon character: Constable Weird comments on HWE (5KB)

Disneyland and Wales:
‘Here in Disneyland, Florida we know all about Wales and Sellafield,
because when the young children are dying from leukaemia this is where they come for treats!’

Pembroke Road (Northampton) leukaemia cluster:
Ministerial investigations

Genetic effects of Plutonium and Strontium isotopes:

Children of the '60s generation:
echoes of the nuclear arms race.

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