Dr Cox denial

Health Protection Agency (Radiation Protection)
statement on Radioactive Times report

Page 16 of Volume 6 No. 1 reported on the exclusion of Chris Busby from the agenda of the Children with Leukaemia conference in September 2004. Here is part of what we said:

Copies of emails obtained from the National Radiological Protection Board under the Freedom of Information Act reveal the names of some of the people involved in forcing Busby off the Children with Leukaemia conference agenda (see page 15). Messages marked High priority and For your eyes only implicate Dudley Goodhead and Bryn Bridges, Richard Wakeford of BNFL, and John Harrison, John Stather and Roger Cox of NRPB.

Dr. Roger Cox, Director of HPA(RP), emailed RaT to say,

I can confirm that NRPB staff were aware of the concerns/actions of others on [Busby's] invitation to speak at the Children With Leukaemia Conference but that none of us acted to have the invitation withdrawn. I can also state that there was no contact between John Stather, John Harrison or myself and the Conference organisers on the appropriateness or otherwise of your invitation. I urge you to seek confirmation of this from Alasdair Philips and Denis Henshaw - they are surely the ones who have knowledge of the situation.
Alasdair Philips or Denis Henshaw were organising the conference. LLRC has not asked them to confirm Dr. Cox's statement - we are happy to accept his word.
Dr. Cox has also told us that in January, long before the Rat article was written, he had drafted a message to reassure Dr. Busby that he and his staff had not been involved. He now has discovered that, by some accident, it was not sent.

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