Radioactive Times

Radioactive Times

the Journal of the Low Level Radiation Campaign

ISSN: 1356-1803

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Publicising and explaining the arcane and controversial areas of low level radiation, radiation protection standards, legislation, and epidemiology, with news, articles, book reviews and cartoons - Radioactive Times is home to

  • Teddy and Dolly, who collect implausible explanations for leukaemia;
  • those fearless, impartial investigators, Sergeant Mercer and Constable Joskin
  • and the only slightly asymmetrical Laboratory RaT.

Four issues a year (more or less - usually a lot less)

Subscription (per 4 issues) 10 individuals, 15 groups

For a sample copy

  • email
  • 'phone (+44 (0)1597 824771) or
  • write to
    The Knoll,
    Montpellier Park,
    Powys LD1 5LW UK

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