jokes about Low Level Radiation - no laughing matter

jokes about Low Level Radiation
- no laughing matter
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Teddy and Dolly discuss the causes of cancer. They conclude it's caused by population mixing, radiophobia, statistical artefact, eating red meat, air travel, and soap and water, but not by radioactivity.
A series conceived and drawn by Chris Busby.

Sarj! there's a knife!!!(3KB)

A Serjeant Mercer strip cartoon [this is the first frame] illustrating the idiocy of average dose - the concept on which the International Commission on Radiological Protection and the UK's Health Protection Agency rely to exculpate the nuclear establishment. (Sergeant Mercer, Sergeant Draper and their assistants are drawn by Richard Bramhall)

Strontium Wombles - a lampoon of the Wombles Song dating from 1993 and inspired by one our early discoveries, that cancer in Wales increased sharply after Chernobyl.
Words by Richard Bramhall.

Investigating a sudden death, Sergeant Mercer teaches his sidekick an epidemiological technique.

Sergeant Mercer looks into the disposal of contaminated materials from nuclear site clearance.

Sergeant Mercer looks into unusually high rates of childhood leukaemia in Wales.

beer engine with decal bearing Double Dragon logo Down at the pub, the laboratory RaT wonders if an unusual Welsh dragon is related to the Russian Imperial double headed eagle now known as the Chernobyl Chicken ...

Introducing Roger Radon, NRPB

In a High Court judge's mind, Sellafield represents Mordor. So who is in charge at Minas Tirith? Saruman?

Good King Roger - a fairy tale for grown-ups. A sideways view of ICRP's ultimately failed attempt to drop the concept of Collective Dose

Smoothing away embarrassing clusters. A joke from an epidemiology text book.

Country Boy - a protest song, words and music by Chris Busby. Words, music and an mp3 file performed by Dr. Busby

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