WHO repudiates agreement with IAEA

WHO repudiates agreement with IAEA

In 1959 the World Health Organisation entered into an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency which gave the unequivocally pro-nuclear IAEA a veto over WHO research into the effects of radiation.

The International Women's League for Peace and Freedom has campaigned against this scandalous stitch-up and it is at last coming unravelled.

During the January 2001 media furore over Depleted Uranium weapons BBC Radio Wales conducted an hour-long phone-in discussion. LLRC's Dr Chris Busby and Dr Michael Repacholi of WHO were panellists. Busby pressed Repacholi hard, saying that the Agreement meant WHO could not be trusted to give a true account of the health effects of DU.

Repacholi (who was speaking from Genva) disappeared from the airwaves for some minutes. When he returned he said that WHO intended to take back the research function.

In Kiev in June (2001) WHO is running its own conference on the effects of Chernobyl separate from IAEA. Busby is to address the first plenary session.

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