Low level radiation and health
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Summaries of studies from territories affected by Chernobyl
(an extract from the CERRIE Minority Report)

UK Government Scientific Advisory Committee gags dissenting views
Minority Report published

LLRC's contribution to the Litvinenko Polonium poisoning

COMARE changes Statement on Burham survey
and makes a nonsense.
Now (January 2005) new figures have been released, showing a persistent excess. Click here

The Leukaemia Triangle - Summary of health effects from Aldermaston, Burghfield and Harwell

Green Audit rejects COMARE Statement on unique citizens' epidemiology initiative in Somerset

Leukaemia near Naval Dockyard, Plymouth

Menai cluster: the Nuclear Laundry - Again! HTV finds a cluster which is larger and far more statistically significant than the notorious Seascale cluster which led to the establishment of COMARE (the useless, partisan Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment).

Compendium of evidence [one of our most important contributions] - many pages of citations with commentary.

Is Cancer Predominantly an Environmental Disease? International scientific conference says: Yes! - and blames radioactive pollution

World Health Organisation conference hears about error in ICRP risk factors.

Childhood leukaemia in Wales - the Irish Sea effect

Official responses to the Irish Sea effect -- COMARE and the Cancer Registry

More support for the radioactive particle hypothesis -- cancer clustering around mud flats contaminated by Hinkley Point power station

Radioactive Times report of Hinkley Point cancer, with map, pictures and graph of trend lines

Citizens' Epidemiology door-step survey in Burnham on Sea reveals high cancer risks

Earlier, papers leaked from Somerset Health Authority revealed a cover up

Cancer mortality near Bradwell nuclear power station -- yet more support for the sea-transported dust hypothesis. This link takes you to the beginning of the story. To go to the latest development - our response to COMARE's amazing statement of March 18th 2003 - click here

And yet more - a new Seascale. Childhood leukaemia cluster in Chepstow, Gwent, UK -- on Severn estuary, the sink for 3 nuclear power stations.

And more again -- downloadable reports of cancer mortality near Severn estuary.

BBC Radio 4 investigates -- Chris Busby confronts NRPB on national radio (it was Michael Clark who looked like the amateur)

Viel vindicated Six-fold excess of childhood leukaemia near Cap de la Hague - the French Sellafield

BBC investigates some more -- Chris Busby on national radio talking about the Cap de la Hague childhood leukaemia excess

The Disneyland connection -- a sad and surprising confirmation of all this evidence

Carlingford and Dundalk: radioactivity from Sellafield measurable in mud and sand near Dundalk and in Carlingford Lough ... levels comparable to those in north Wales

An early cover-up: Nuclear spooks tamper with government weather records to hide effects of the 1957 Windscale fire

The true healthy worker effect radiation workers' cancer statistics reanalysed, revealing a 6-fold error in risk factors at the 30 milliSievert level

Found! - the cause of leukaemia? Richard Doll thinks so, but he's fallen into a trap

Genetic effects of Plutonium - internal Plutonium may have a Relative Biological Effectiveness factor of 200

Children of the arms race: parental exposure to weapons test fallout results in increased leukaemia risk in their children

Disease in evacuees from Belarus: strong links between morbidity and length of residence in contaminated areas, levels of contamination, and age at exposure.

Chris Busby's presentation on mortality expected in Belarus as a result of the Chernobyl disaster (first given in London 6th April 2001)

W.H.O. is responsible?

European Parliament calls for review of health effects

On the beach Should I live in Wales? [or West Mersea? or anywhere?] We are often asked. Here's our response

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