Scientific dishonesty

Scientific dishonesty

This page links to essays showing how epidemiology has been misused to promote the interests of nuclear technology.
The problem extends to other areas of science as reported at the Royal Society in November 2008. Click here to access a video or paste the following address into your browser:

One of the issues concerns a paper on the Secondary Photoelectron Effect (SPE) which was submitted to the Proceedings of the Royal Society but was blocked from publication after a range of questionable decisions. SPE is potentially very important as an explanation of why heavy metals in general are toxic and as a particular demonstration of the nonsense of "absorbed dose". See the "SPE" section of this LLCR site for discussion.

Lars Erik Holm Lars Erik Holm and his fatally flawed study of thyroid cancer. This 1988 study is important because it is used to justify low estimates of thyroid cancer following radiation exposure as well as the idea that slow low exposures are less harmful than acute exposures. The page links to Dr. Gofman's exhaustive 1990 analysis of the study. More
Richard Doll The late Sir Richard Doll and co-workers covering up the increase of childhood leukaemia at the peak of radioactive fallout from testing nuclear weapons in the 1950s and '60s. Lectures at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have taken this paper as a case study of badly designed epidemiology, invalidated by an enormous change of the study population mid-way through the study period. More
Richard Wakeford Following Chris Busby's exposť of the flaws in the Doll study of the weapons-test childhood leukaemia peak (above) Richard Wakeford tries to bolster up the Doll version (ref). He uses various techniques to hide the fallout-related increase. More
Mattias Lantz Following the publication of papers on the health effects of Uranium weapons used by the USA in Gulf War 2 Mattias Lantz, founder of Nuclear Power Yes Please and self-appointed Busby Buster, picked on an imagined error with the disturbance in the ratio of boy babies born in Fallujah, relative to the number of girls. On this linked page Professor Busby shows how Lantz's analysis of the sex ratio is dishonest. He also puts this false analysis into the context of earlier attacks by Lantz.

LLRC: December 7th 2011

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