Compendium of evidence

Publication, peer review, and credibility
and References

It may be agued that some of the studies we cite should be disregarded, as they have not been published in the peer reviewed literature. Our reply is that the peer review system is suspect. Some of the studies which were so published ought not to have passed reviewers' scrutiny (e.g. Darby 1993, Parkin 1996); some have been rejected on demonstrably false grounds (e.g. Stewart 2000 - see reference below and text for reviewers' opinions: the Second Event theory - reviewers' opinions are reproduced in Busby 1995).

This is a quis custodiet? problem - the reviewers are in many cases inside the establishment. At the same time they publish voluminously without review. For example, Dr.McKinley, head of the Non-Ionising Radiation Department of the NRPB was cross-examined as expert witness for the defence in a recent court case. Asked about his qualifications and publications, Dr. McKinley said that he had obtained his Doctorate at the Paisley College of Technology after he had started working for the NRPB, and that his entire working career had been with NRPB. He said he had written over a hundred papers but that none of them had been subject to peer review - his work had mainly been published by the NRPB itself. The one work cited by the defence as an external publication was an EU experts group review of previous research; Dr.McKinley himself chaired the group. His expertise is solely in dosimetry and he said he was unqualified to answer any questions about biology or the biological effects of non-ionising radiation.

Similarly, the studies which underlie the Council Directive 96/29 (Basic Safety Standards) are in-house publications by the nuclear industry, its regulators, and the secretive Article 31 Group of experts which advises the European Commission on radiation protection matters. Public scrutiny and informed political debate are not permitted.


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NOTE: Dr Steward has told Dr Busby that he was the author of this paper. In July 1999 he told LLRC (in a telephone conversation) that he did not. LLRC wrote to the Chief Medical Officer for Wales to ask who did write the paper (and, since peer review seems to be such a big deal, who reviewed it) But she didn't know. Another failure of the peer review system.

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          ... it is very odd that burns have been included in the analysis of this paper; this hardly seems to            be an effect caused by exposure to radiation.
Pr. Stewart presented this material to:
Standing Conference on Low Level Radiation and Health, Bristol 1997,
Nuclear Free Local Authorities Conference, Manchester 6th March 1998,
International Congress on Risks to Workers and Members of the Public from Low Level Ionising Radiation, Muenster, March 19th 1998 and also to the
Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Workshop of the European Parliament held in Brussels, February 5th 1998.
It has now been published: A bomb survivors: factors that may lead to a re-assessment of the radiation hazard: International Journal of Epidemiology 29 no. 4 (4 Aug 2000)
and see The Survivor New Scientist 5 Aug. 2000 p45-47
and The Woman Who Knew Too Much Gayle Greene, U.Michigan Press ISBN 0472111078

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The European Commission has lost the report. The abstracts of presentations are on this site

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Categories of evidence:
1) studies on which radiation protection standards are based, and those which undermine them:
2) epidemiological studies showing a risk not accounted for by NRPB/ ICRP model
3) studies which are said to demonstrate that there is no unappreciated risk but which have demonstrable flaws or which do, in fact, show an excess risk.
4) animal studies
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