CERRIE and COMARE chairmen shoot messengers

COMARE and CERRIE Chairmen accuse Meacher of bullying
and resolutely ignore the science CERRIE misrepresented

Following the launch of the Majority Report of CERRIE (Committee Examining Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters) the Minister who commissioned it (Michael Meacher) published an article in the Guardian newspaper. Click here to see Counting the Dead. He highlighted one of the key pieces of evidence considered by CERRIE, which is misrepresented by CERRIE's Majority Report leading to a serious underestimate of the error in radiation risk factors.
The Chairmen of CERRIE (Dudley Goodhead) and COMARE (Bryn Bridges) immediately responded by accusing Meacher of bullying.
LLRC has campaigned against bullying in the workplace (this had nothing to do with radiation) and observes that bullies often react to a whistleblower by claiming that it's they who are being bullied.

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