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summaries of Chernobyl effects

COMARE backs down
and looks silly

Polonium 210

Parliamentary call to scrap COMARE

Rejected - COMARE Statement on cancer in Burnham

leukaemia cluster - nuclear submarines

MENAI cluster, the Nuclear Laundry - Again!


Conference blames radiation

WHO paper on ICRP errors

Leukaemia in Wales

Offical responses

Hinkley Point

Hinkley map, pictures

Health Authority admits it

Cancer mortality at Bradwell

COMARE cocks up at Bradwell

Chepstow leukaemia

cancer near Severn estuary

BBC interview

Disneyland connection

Carlingford and Dundalk

Windscale cover-up

True healthy worker effect

Doll falls into trap

and Doll accused of bias

Genetic effects

Children of the arms race:

Disease in evacuees

W.H.O. is responsible?

MEPs call for review

On the beach