Cancer near Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power station

Cancer near Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power station
Risks double national average
with 15-fold risk in women younger than 50

There has been significant debate about cancer rates in north Wales ever since 1994 when LLRC called attention to high levels apparent in data released to us by Wales Cancer Registry. Ten years later a County Councillor in north Wales who had been diagnosed with breast cancer spoke to TV reporters. She was concerned about people in her home village - Ffestiniog - downwind of the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station. A surprisingly large number of her friends and neighbours also had cancer. Two reporters went house to house delivering a questionnaire drawn up by us and a TV programme was made. Trawsfynydd nuclear power station is the only inland nuclear station to be built in the UK. It is situated on a lake, Llyn Trawsfynydd, which acts as a source of cooling water and is also a sink for radioactivity released from the plant. Very large amounts of radioactive material exist in the lake bed sediment. A report is here. It shows that in the years 2002 to 2005 women younger than 50 had 15 times the rate of cancer than would be expected on the basis of national figures for England and Wales. This is the highest risk reported here and it is for the later part of the study period (1996 - 2005). It is probable that the risks reported for the entire period were lower because of "data leakage" - people who had moved away or died and so are invisible to this kind of study.
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