the Un-Science of Epidemiology

the Un-Science of Epidemiology

SAHSU - the deaf, blind watchdog with the bung up its nose Lying with statistics

The watchdog's methods in use in Northampton (Radioactive Times report)

and yet another watchdog rolls over (Radioactive Times report about the Broadcasting Standards Commission and the Northampton thing)

The watchdog's methods in use again; in Essex --- SAHSU sets out to fudge the effects of living near Bradwell

more bad science -- NRPB claims no change, failing to see evidence for 6-fold error in risk factors at the 30 mSv level

Raising the dead and other anomalies in official responses to the Irish Sea effect

Raising the dead Part II how it's done, and how COMARE failed to spot the trick. [COMARE's minutes are quite amusing reading]

Dolly backs population mixing and falls into plutonium trap [and see this]

Leukaemia Reseach Fund subverted? -- Cartwright puts telescope to blind eye

Power Lines and Power Lies -- the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser connives at fraud

Washing out high risks of leukaemia in Dumfries and Galloway

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