LLRC Funding

The paypal account has been subject to interference so that some would-be donors have reported being unable to access it. We have not been able to resolve this. Helpful suggestions would be welcome mailto:mail@llrc.org

The Low Level Radiation Campaign has no major funders. We depend on donations from people who believe our work is important. We are based in Britain, so nearly all our supporters are British although what we say about radioactive pollution is relevant everywhere.

The Charity Commission has barred us from having charitable status. By contrast, the International Commission on Radiological Protection is a charity registered in Britain. This presumably means ICRP gets tax breaks at the expense of British tax-payers in addition to being supported by taxation through the European Union and by donations from state-funded nuclear enterprises everywhere.
ICRP is the source of advice favoured by all governments. LLRC is devoted to exposing the errors in ICRP's advice.

How to donate

If you want to send a cheque (or check) please make it payable to Low Level Radiation Campaign and send it to LLRC, Times Building, South Crescent, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5DH, UK. For small donations we are happy to receive unused UK postage stamps at the same address. If you send cash it is a good idea to use a signed-for service.

If you want to donate regularly by Standing Order, email mailto:mail@llrc.org or write to the Llandrindod address above and we'll send a form for you to complete and send to your bank.

To make a bank transfer email or write as above and we'll send the account details.

A PAYPAL button is at the top left of this page. As noted above, it usually doesn't work.

Company information

The Low Level Radiation Campaign is a Company Limited by Guarantee under UK law (Company number 3821690).
Company Limited by Guarantee is a model used by many UK charities (or, in American parlance, not-for-profit organisations) as it gives donors the reassurance that annual income and expenditure are in the public domain. You can see our accounts and annual reports on the Companies House website.