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NEWS:   LLRC uses European Directive to open a ReJustification campaign.

In the EU all Practices which expose people to ionising radiation (like nuclear power stations) must be Justfied. Health detriment from the radiation has to be outweighed by the benefits the practice brings to society. See this Ecologist article about our challenge to the European Pressurised Reactor at Hinkley Point C.

We shall be developing campaign materials, highlighting the new scientific findings that challenge existing Justification Decisions. Email us to register an interest in working on this issue.

UK Nuclear Test veterans' High Court appeal

In June the Low Level Radiation Campaign stood up for British ex-Servicemen who attended Atomic Weapons tests in the 1950s and '60s. See the appeal we posted. You were generous with funds and we had enough money to pay costs for the legal team and our international group of expert witnesses. The Court has yet to decide the case. The Tribunal Panel has asked for more information on the crucial issue of whether men on Christmas Island were, in fact, affected by radioactie fallout. Further cross-examination should be allowed. See this Ecologist article for more reporting.

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