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UK Nuclear Test veterans' High Court appeal

In June last year the Low Level Radiation Campaign supported British ex-Servicemen who attended Atomic Weapons tests in the 1950s and '60s. See the appeal we posted. You were generous with funds. We spent £22,000 on costs for the legal team and expert witnesses from UK, Ireland, Germany and Japan. See this Ecologist article published before the verdict.

Just before Christmas 2016 the Tribunal rejected the appeals. We have lodged a further appeal against the very unfair way the hearings were conducted. One appeal point is that, months after the hearings, the Tribunal asked the UK Ministry of Defence expert witnesses for more information. The answer revealed new data that indicated significant radioactive fallout had fallen in the part of Christmas Island where the men lived. This negated a large part of the MoD's case but the veterans' representatives were not allowed to re-examine on this crucial issue.
The most important court documents are on this site.
and see Soviet justice in London's High Court - a further report in The Ecologist

LLRC uses European Directive to open a ReJustification campaign.

In the EU all Practices which expose people to ionising radiation (like nuclear power stations) must be Justfied. Health detriment from the radiation has to be outweighed by the benefits the practice brings to society. See this Ecologist article about our challenge to the European Pressurised Reactor at Hinkley Point C.

We shall be developing campaign materials, highlighting the new scientific findings that challenge existing Justification Decisions. Email us to register an interest in working on this issue.

Why did the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission scrap a study of health risks near nuclear plants?

That was the question posed by the Los Angeles Daily News. Some NRC officials noted that, while several recent European reports show raised rates of cancer in children close to nuclear plant, there has been no health study of nuclear power in the US for almost 30 years. They wanted to revisit American data. They have been overruled. In this 12 minute radio interview Dr. Chris Busby explains that the new study was blocked because it would have revealed so much illness and death that the public would have demanded plant closures.

As part of our programme of updating the old website we have reviewed our responses to a gratuitous attack by George Monbiot in 2011.

LLRC's chief scientific advisor is Professor Chris Busby. His curriculum vitae
His books Wings of Death and the sequel Wolves of Water (plus an online index of Wolves of Water).

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